VIP Package

Includes: Scratch Pad, Wall Ball, Premium Catnip Toy, Toy Mouse


Play Package

Includes: Premium Catnip Toy, Wall Ball, Toy Mouse


Happy Cat Package

Includes: Scratch Pad, Premium Catnip toy


Comfort Package

Includes: Heat Pad with Calming Spray, Calming Treat

​$8 Daily

Enrichment Package

Lickable Texture mat with Chicken or Seafood Churu Treat

​$5 Daily

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IN- ROOM Specialty treats 

Why not treat your cat to something special? 

A La Carte specialty treats.
Our gourmet in-room treat menu is served on fine bone china exactly how you would like it.
We have created delicious dishes that focus on using fresh  ingredients.

 Catcuterie Board- $5.49 per day
A mouth watering combination of flaky tuna, delectable chicken and savory beef with a sprinkle of fresh catnip.
Simply Shrimp- $3.49 per day

Succulent and juicy steamed shrimp garnished with a sprinkle of fresh catnip.

Simply Chicken- $3.49 per day

Succulent and juicy poached chicken garnished with fresh catnip.

Simply Salmon - $4.00 per day

Succulent and juicy poached salmon garnished with fresh catnip.

Bedtime Milk and Cookie- $3.00 per day

​Creamy milk(lactose free) and liver stick treat

Birthday Kitty Cup - $3.00 per day

Lactose free whip cream with chicken sprinkles

Calming treat -$3.00 per day

Natural, safe and with calming properties

Cat Grass  - $6.49 for the entire stay

​freshly grown bowl of organic wheat grass

Cat Nip Wall Ball $6.49 for the entire stay

lickable cat nip snack ball attaches to the suite

Fancy Feast Canned Food - $1.75 can


​​​Oral/Inhalation/topical medication(pills or liquid not added to food) - $3 per dose 

Mix In medication or supplements - (anything we add to or sprinkle on food or give in pill pocket) - $1.00 per dose 

Additional Playtime

​15 minutes ​-$6.00 per day


.50 and up